Things Happen in Unexpected Places

Today went a little better than yesterday. This morning I woke myself crying uncontrollably in my sleep because of a dream I was having. After mentally calming myself down, the shaking began to subside. I made myself a cup of coffee and watched the news, then went about the things I had to do for the day. I was doing my best to not let things get to me today and succeeded for the most part.

After volunteering at my child’s school, I went home to help them with homework. Before going to Boy Scouts, I realized that we needed something from the store. Typically, I would go before going to Scouts, but my children and I didn’t make it out the door in time because we were finishing homework. On our way home, we stopped at the dollar store. This is where an unexpected incident happened.

I was waiting in line to check out. There was a gentleman in line who let another lady and myself go ahead of him. The lady in front of me was talking with the lady in front of her as well as the cashier, and I ended up in the conversation somehow. I had never seen these women before in my life. We started talking about a medical disorder, I said something about me having medical experience and understanding what they meant, and things just went from there. This is where I don’t understand how things went from one topic to another.

After both ladies had checked out, the lady immediately in front of me continued to talk. We talked about so much in just those few minutes. The lady introduced herself to me and asked what I currently do (for work). I told her that I am between jobs right now and doing freelance writing and other odd jobs. This is when she told me that she can connect me with someone who may be able to help me and told me to contact her. We talked for a few more minutes in the front of the store, and even through the parking lot as we were walking to our vehicles. The conversation went to various unrelated topics throughout those few short minutes. It was strange, but it felt as though it was meant to be.

I feel as though I was meant to go to that particular store this evening, as it is not a typical stop on my way home. She even made the same comment about it being meant for her as well. I can’t wait to call her tomorrow and see where this goes. I guess never underestimate an unexpected trip to the store because you just never know what will happen.

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